Employment at Faerch


We know that the working environment is vital to how we and our customers experience Faerch, and to our ability to innovate. We also know that continuously creating value for customers is key to building on excellent results.

We live by our values, which is why our customers view us as a credible and responsible business partner. In our everyday work, our employees experience clarity in the company’s communication and targets, which fosters continued growth. Combined with daily challenges, Faerch is an attractive and exciting workplace.

We believe in an individual approach to competence development of our professional teams based on mutual respect, commitment, job satisfaction, and not least, honesty, meaning that we always call it as we see it.
We believe that employees thrive when they are empowered to be responsible for their own results and we value employees with a drive for self-development. We want to give responsibility to those possessing the required competences by focussing on internal recruitment. Your career path at Faerch  will always be determined by a combination of the company’s needs and your ambition, professional background, and personal potential.
We are constantly seeing change in the markets where we operate and we encourage all employees to air any new ideas they have. Co-operation across the organisation is a high priority and requires visible management that sets clear targets defining what is expected of you.
It is important that our employees find balance between their work and personal lives and that the team spirit endures outside the workplace. We have an active personnel association where it is possible to participate in social events such as trips to the theatre, football matches, or even a go-kart tournament for you and your colleagues.
We promote good health and you can participate in exercise together with colleagues through the Faerch Clubs. Our Canteen Chefs prepare delicious, healthy and varied meals every day, which everyone looks forward to and if your body needs special care after a long day of work, we subsidise various therapy’s including massage.
We also offer health insurance and a pension scheme.