Environmental objectives

K 2181-3A

Every year we set new reduction targets for environmental impact, energy consumption and the volume of plastic waste produced, and we are always working to reuse as much left-over material from production as possible.

One-year environmental objectives for 2011

• CO2 equivalents (GHG) to be reduced to 210 kg per tonne of raw materials consumed.
• Maximum electricity consumption of 1.6 kWh per kg of sold finished goods.
• Reduce plastic waste to 1.3 per cent of consumption of plastic raw materials.
• 60 per cent of plastic waste used in the recovery industry.
• 50 per cent of total waste disposed of for recycling or for the recovery industry.
• Implement proposals from employees which have payback times of less than 4 years.

Five-year environmental objectives to 2013

• We will achieve a general weight reduction (downguaging) of produced items of 30 per cent.
• We will challenge suppliers to reduce their energy consumption by 20 per cent.
• We will be supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy i.e. hydro electric power and wind power.
• We will have the lowest CO2 emissions (carbon footprint) in the plastics packaging industry.
• We will encourage the collection and recycling of all plastic packaging on all the markets in which we are represented.
• We will reuse materials where this is technically possible, financially cost-effective and where the high safety of our products is retained.