Non-stop food production

An impressive sight meets visitors when you step into the almost people free Danish Crown production facility in Jönköping in Sweden. Every week, fully automatic slicing and mincing lines produce pre-packed meat at high speed. Three large robots control the picking facility with a high degree of precision. Throughout the factory where possible, much of the hard work is done by machines and robots.

In collaboration with the Swedish company Axfood, Danish Crown has constructed one of Europe’s most modern factories for centrally packed meat. The new factory will supply products which are unique. – Different and innovative cuts of meat, sausages and seasonal products will come out of the new plant in Jönköping. 

Unique collaboration

The Swedish food retail giant Axfood has changed its entire system from in-shop packaged meat to centrally packed meat. For this project, Axfood chose Danish Crown, a key player on the market with unique know-how.

Many years of collaboration between Danish Crown and Faerch paved the way for even greater collaboration on packaging for the new Swedish factory. – Packaging which must meet the stringent demands of the factory’s fully automatic packing lines.

Clear requirement specification

The environment and minimum production stops were a high priority in designing the new factory. Packaging made from Mo-PP was chosen, a material in which Faerch has replaced a part of the oil-based PP raw material with a natural occurring mineral. The mineral gives the packaging a uniform matt look and increased stability, which means that the tray thickness can be reduced significantly. It was primarily these environmental benefits that were behind the choice of Mo-PP. '

In addition, the uniformity and stacking height of the packaging were important factors. “In a fully automatic production facility, it is vital there are no production stops. The packaging therefore needed to be uniform in quality and also have a low stacking height,” says Kim Revsbaek, a buyer at Danish Crown. 
“A low stacking height gives logistical advantages when the packaging is shipped to Sweden, but it also means more trays in the dispenser.”
Full traceability
Before a pack of meat leaves the production line, it is given a two-dimensional bar code which contains information about the raw ingredients and other relevant production factors, and the readability of the bar code is checked to ensure that nothing unintended leaves the factory in Jönköping. 

“We check the bar codes on all the individual trays to achieve complete traceability if it is deemed necessary. It is important for us that we can guarantee a high level of food safety for our consumers,” says Arne Nielsen, an inspector with the technical department.