Honest packaging

The financial crisis is raging, the environment is suffering, people are losing their jobs and those in employment put in an extra hour or so to show their commitment. We are living in the fast lane with information overload and we are expected to react immediately. The body is present but the soul would rather be elsewhere.

 – There’s resistance to all that’s lacking: A lack of time, a lack of confidence, a lack of peace, a lack of simplicity.

The true values

We want to return to authentic family values with simplicity and warmth at the core. This is the reality which the food industry is facing. Food is a crafted product that needs skill. Smart marketing is the food producers’ ability to communicate true values, getting back to the simple things in life. Local food is very much in demand, but other cultures have influenced our taste buds so regional dishes from other parts of the world are a welcome alternative.

A clear trend

At present we are seeing a growing demand for transparent food packaging throughout Europe, with southern and central Europe leading the way. We see a clear trend in both meat trays and packaging for ready meals. Individual food producers are going a step further and introducing semitransparent packaging so that the food is still visible to the consumer but stands out in the chill cabinet.

Less environmental impact

We will see packaging which has less environmental impact. It will weigh less, and the materials will be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives, for instance the use of reclaimed PET from plastic bottles is rapidly gaining ground. Anything superficial will be dispensed with unless it has convenience for the consumer. Even now we can see that the ‘carbon footprint’ is a competition parameter, increasingly important to food companies and retailers.

The future is simple

Our idea of packaging for the future is that it must be simple in design with the least possible environmental impact. Preferably it should be combined with the right amount of process and product innovation as these will make a positive contribution to the bottom line. This, of course, is something that will never change.