60 million trays supplied in just 5 working days

 In the space of a single working week, Faerch has supplied 60 million trays to customers. This exceeds by 12 million trays the previous record set just a couple of months earlier, and equates to a total of 210 full trailer loads leaving our production facilities in Denmark, and the Czech Republic. 

Marketing director Michael Gotfredsen: “This is a truly impressive achievement by the Faerch workforce.  Even when under pressure the week before Christmas, everyone stays focussed on the job at hand and Faerch continues to deliver at every level. Through our ability to meet our customer’s demands and deliver on time, many have gained a vital confidence and trust in Faerch. It enables them to confidently plan future production certain in the knowledge that by the time planned production commences, the trays required for their products will already have been delivered.”