Come and meet us at the FachPack 2015 in Nürnberg

We will be delighted to show you our wide range of high performance innovative packaging solutions for fresh meat, ready meals, cold food & snacks and ambient products. - aimed at reducing waste and contamination, as well as offering significant environmental and shelf life benefits.

Our MeatPack+ solution is designed to help in the growing battle against food waste. Consisting of a tray produced from our award-winning MAPET® II mono material for robust sealing and reduced contamination, it also features an integrated *PPI UltraZap® XtendaPak absorber pad, which can extend product shelf life by up to two days.

You can learn more about our responsible packaging approach – underlined by a cradle-to-cradle manufacturing process using postconsumer PET or rPET for true green thinking.
We will be showing containers in a range of sizes and colours, as well as standard and bespoke designs. For the WOW factor, our eye-catching and increasingly popular dual colour trays offer a major point of difference for food manufacturers, processors and retailers. Featuring one colour on the outside and another on the inside surface, they are perfect for premium convenience meals and oven to table lines. A wide range of colour combinations are available.
Increasingly popular snap packs feature special perforations for easy separation.

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you visit us at FachPack. For invitations please contact your local Faerch sales person here.