And the Awards go to...

Faerch A/S has won five prestigious industry awards during 2014.

Snack d’Or trophy
The award-winning year got off to a flying start when our innovative new pizza box concept won the Snack d’Or trophy at the Sandwich & Snack Show in Paris. The base of the pack is produced from CPET for use in ovens or microwaves whilst the lid is made from clear APET.
Uncooked pizzas can be prepared and packed into the 100% recyclable pack for cooking later. Cooked pizzas can also be taken from the oven in the supermarket or takeaway outlet and packed into the box for safe transit and reheating. The lid is removed for cooking.

Pizzerias will now be able to offer both cooked and ready to cook pizzas for home delivery or take home leaving the consumer to decide when to reheat or cook their pizza. In addition, pizzas freshly prepared in-store are becoming increasingly popular across Europe, with sales of between 200 and 2000 pizzas per store each week.
FSR – danske revisorer’s (association of Danish accountants) CSR award
Our prioritisation of work with social responsibility was next on the award trail. We won the FSR – danske revisorer’s (association of Danish accountants) CSR award for the best CSR report issued by a SME company.

A strategic and concrete approach to working with social responsibility helped Faerch A/S win the CSR award with Birgitte Mogensen, chairwoman of the FSR – danske revisorer committee commenting:

“The panel of judges has selected Faerch as the winner. They are winners because of their structure and for giving a clear account of their CSR journey and the plastics company’s five new concrete and strategic focus areas within CSR. The report is their first independent CSR report. It is very inspiring and we look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour in the coming years.”

Our innovative dual colour CPET trays developed for UK retailer, Tesco, was announced as a ‘Commended’ winner in the 2014 Starpack award’s Food & Drink Primary Packaging category.
Functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, the dual colour trays have been specially designed by Faerch A/S to offer both food manufacturer and retailer a unique point of difference for premium convenience food ranges, including oven to table lines, ensuring maximum on-shelf impact and brand appeal.

The trays feature one colour on the outside surface and another complementary colour on the inside. It provided the makeover required by Tesco for its Finest and core Italian product lines, with minimal changes to pack size or basic design.

Commenting on the packs, the Starpack Award judges said:
“Aids marketing by using colour to differentiate from standard black CPET trays.”
The Starpack Industry Awards scheme is now in its 56th year and is the UK’s premier annual awards scheme recognising innovation in packaging design and technology.
The icing on the cake was our MAPET® II recyclable mono packaging concept for the top sealing of meat, poultry and fish winning a prestigious Scanstar award.

Our MAPET® II is produced from a single substrate but offers the same properties as multi-layer materials and provides cost-savings compared to more expensive, non-recyclable laminate.
Manufactured from Post-Consumer Recycled materials, MAPET® II offers excellent potential to be sorted and recycled for significant environmental advantages. It also boasts superior clarity and can be used with a range of sealing films.

The Scanstar jury summed up the winning benefits: “A step in the right direction! Mapet® II makes use of recycled plastic and is therefore in accordance with the requirements of the future recyclable society. The transparent tray appeals to consumers by presenting the contents in a welcoming and appealing view. It is a complete food packaging with rPET regenerate in the middle of the laminate. The jury looks towards the food industry now to make some sustainable decisions – for example, by taking this packaging into use.”
We are thrilled to reveal that it has just been announced that we won a WorldStar in the food category for MAPET® II. Winners of a Scanstar award are automatically entered into the WorldStar competition.
As well as those key features mentioned above, we also highlighted that trays produced from MAPET® II are cost neutral when compared to industry standard meat trays.

In the WorldStar Awards 2015, 266 entries were received from some 38 countries. It is organised by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). The WorldStar competition is one of the major events of the WPO and is the pre-eminent international award in packaging.

The World Packaging Organisation is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

So, it has been a fantastic year for Faerch A/S and great recognition for the team.