M 4088-1A Clear APET
Item no.: 4088015000
Not standard item. Contact us for lead time.
Product no.: M 4088-1A
Shape: Square
Colour: Clear
Material: APET
Length (mm): 88,30
Width (mm): 88,30
Depth (mm): 49,90
Volume (ml): 230
Compartments: 1
Application: Cold food and snacks
Cooking: Not ovenable
Status: Inactive
Restricted: No
Min. temp. (celsius): -40
Max. temp. (celsius): 70
Sheet thickness (µ): 900
Nominal weight per unit: 8,967
Tolerance (weight): +/- 10%
Tolerance (length) mm (+/-): 0,60
Tolerance (width) mm (+/-): 0,60
Tolerance depth mm (+/-): 0,60
Tolerance (centre) mm (+/-): 0,30
Cubic meters per 1000 units: 0,070
Perforations: No
Handles: No
Absorber pad: No
Packaging: Gitter box
Consuming units: Bags
Weight per packaging (gross): 214,40
Weight per packaging (net): 158,40
Units per liner: 17664
Cartons per pallet: 1
Units per pallet: 17664
Pallet height (mm): 1268,00
Packaging length (mm): 1216,00
Packaging width (mm): 806,00
Packaging height (mm): 1268,00
Packaging volume (m3): 1,243
Customer logo: JOHMA
Logo: -
Cavity no.: Yes
Green Dot: No
Glass and fork: Yes
Recycling arrows: Yes

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