Greencore says ciao to Faerch's black and green trays for Asda relaunch

Striking new CPET dual colour packs give stylish makeover to leading retailer’s core Italian chilled ready meal range.

Leading European manufacturer of plastics packaging for the food industry, Faerch (tel: 020 8254 2300; has helped Greencore give Asda’s core Italian chilled ready meal range a stylish makeover with striking new black and green dual colour trays produced from high quality CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate).

Specially developed to give the Asda core Italian range a traditional yet modern Italian feel, Faerch’s eye-catching black and green tray is the latest addition to its popular dual colour series for premium ‘oven to table’ ready meal lines. 

Featuring a rich olive green shade on the outer surface and black on the inside, the new Faerch trays help convey an authentic Italian aesthetic whilst ensuring the relaunched Asda ready meal options stand out on-shelf. 

Faerch is supplying several different pack sizes and shapes for the Asda revamp. The trays are film sealed with a watchstrap-style sleeve featuring images of iconic Italian meals and ingredients. 

Yvonne Moorhouse, Packaging Innovations Manager for Greencore comments: “Our customers are always looking for innovative pack designs and we like the originality of Faerch’s dual colour concept. For this latest Asda relaunch, we worked closely with the team to develop a tray that met the quality, functionality and convenience requirements, as well as offered excellent visual impact and the requisite Italian look.

Yvonne continues: “Key to the redesign was finding a shade of green that would provide maximum brand appeal and differentiation. Although this was a significant pack overhaul, there were minimal changes to tray sizes and shapes.  This eliminated the need for adjustments to our production, storage and handling processes, helping us to maintain efficiencies and remain competitive.  

“We have a long-standing relationship with Faerch and they provided a very good service throughout the process.  Although it is early days, I’m confident that the new black and green trays will help ensure a successful relaunch of Asda’s Italian range,” Yvonne concludes.

Faerch offers dual colour trays in a wide range of colours including black and red which is also being supplied to Greencore for Asda’s traditional ready meals. Other combinations include silver and black, terracotta and black and cream and sage.

Faerch’s well-proven CPET trays are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours and styles. They are dual ovenable and offer a wide temperature tolerance from -40°F (-40ᵒC) degrees to 430°F (220ᵒC) degrees, for freezer-to-oven or microwave convenience.  With CPET, there are no negative effects on food flavour or aroma, ensuring consumers benefit from well-protected, more versatile and better tasting meals.