About Faerch 

Innovative packaging solutions since 1969 

Great packaging is not just about protecting a product. An effective packaging concept optimises your production and ensures maximum on-shelf impact. Faerch holds a leading position within rigid plastic packaging for the food industry. We have 50 years of experience developing, designing and producing innovative and high-quality packaging.

Choose materials that match your need

At Faerch you are able to choose packaging solutions from a wide range of materials: CPET, APET, MAPET® II, PP and PP-EVOH-PE. The materials are specially developed for:

  • Ready Meals
  • Fresh Meat
  • Food To Go

Strong, international player

Today, well over 2,200 employees are part of the Faerch Group. The employees are spread across 16 manufacturing sites in Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Spain as well as multiple sales offices covering all of Europe.

We have embarked an ambitious course to ensure growth. In 2015, we acquired Anson Packaging Ltd and Sealed Air’s European Food Tray Business. With our acquisition of CGL Pack in 2018, we expanded our footprint in France. In 2020 we aquired Sirap food packging business in Italy, Poland and Spain. The acquisitions have both strengthened our product portfolio and ensured that we are able to service clients across Europe.

The 2018 acquisition of Dutch-based recycler 4PET made Faerch an integrated recycler, allowing us to close the loop on food trays.


We believe that sustainability and circularity are the ways forward. Therefore, when we develop new products, we assume an important joint responsibility. We incorporate sustainable solutions into the products that are able to reduce carbon emissions and that contribute to products with environmental focus.

Key values: 

Faerch want to be the most reliable and competent supplier of protective packaging for the food industry and we strive to be known for our quality, innovation, product design and customer service, as well as for our honesty, credibility and accountability.

We want to be the industry leader in material, process and tooling technologies. Our ambition is to lead the industry’s efforts in making food packaging circular, offering fully recyclable products based on market-leading share of post-consumer content.


Faerch A/S is owned by A.P. Moller Group and the Færch Foundation.
Group Executive Management:

Lars Gade Hansen, Group CEO
Jesper Emil Jensen, Regional CEO
Tom Sand-Kristensen, Group CFO
Arne Holme, Group CTO
Spencer Johnston, Regional CEO
Michael Orye, Regional CEO