Whistleblower scheme

At Faerch, we conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Despite the fact that Faerch's compliance programme is developed to identify and prevent serious offences and criminal acts, even the most effective compliance procedures cannot fully protect against any conceivable situation. Consequently, we urge customers, business partners, and employees to report any suspicious or knowledge of unethical conduct and criminal acts.

What should you report?

Our whistleblower structure is only intended for reporting knowledge or suspicion of serious offences or criminal acts, such as corruption, bribery, and forgery, as well as irregularities within accounting, accounting controls, and auditing. Furthermore, our whistleblower structure may be used to report knowledge or suspicion of environmental pollution, serious violations of occupational safety, and other serious issues concerning employees (e.g. violence or sexual abuse). Our whistleblower structure cannot be used to report minor offences such as cooperation problems or personal disagreements.

How is reporting done?

Faerch recommends that you provide your name and contact details, as all enquiries are treated as strictly confidential in collaboration with the law firm Plesner. However, you can also file an anonymous report in the system. You can file a report through an external portal with the law firm Plesner. 

Guidelines for Faerch's Whistleblower System

Information on the delimitation of serious offences

Privacy Policy for the Whistleblower Scheme

Information on the protection of persons who are subject to a report or who have filed a report, and information on the processing of personal information

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