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We supply the global food industry with sustainable packaging solutions with our integrated recycling capability. Over the past five decades, we have served leading food manufacturers and retailers around the world with cutting-edge packaging designed to keep food safe, prolong product shelf life, and reduce food waste.


About Faerch


Ready Meals

CPET is the material of choice for ready meals due to its superior functional properties and the unique way it combines food safety and circularity.


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CPET Evolve trays by Faerch for Ready Meals
APET trays by Faerch for Food to Go


Food to Go

APET is state-of-the-art packaging for food to go, uniquely combining convenience, excellent appeal, and the highest level of circularity.


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Fresh Meat

MAPET II is a state-of-the art solution for protein-rich products and combines modified atmosphere packaging with the highest level of circularity.


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MAPETII trays by Faerch for fresh meat and protein
Dairy pots by Faerch - designed for circularity



At Faerch, we have a clear ambition to bring quality, safe and sustainable packaging to market, and we design our products for circularity: to keep dairy packaging in the loop and out of the environment.


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Faerch at a glance

Get to know your partner in sustainable food packaging with our 5-step introduction...

Integrated recycler

Offering sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry, with our integrated recycling capability

Serving globally

Serving food manufacturers and retailers globally from our pan-European production network

50 years of engagement

Demonstrating 50 years of passionate engagement to our customers which is reflected by continuous growth

Values and ambitions

Our values and ambitions represents a strong commitment to our customers

Adding value

Focusing on adding value to your business with superior packaging solutions


We have the ambition to
lead the industry’s efforts
in making food packaging circular...

Our 5 key values

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