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Keep dairy packaging in the loop and out of the environment

Take action to secure a better future. The environmental footprint of farming and dairy production is under growing scrutiny. Finding ways to reduce environmental impact has therefore become necessary in meeting the growing demands of both consumers and legislators. A dairy product’s journey from cow to consumer includes many areas that impact the environment. Packaging is one of them, and choosing the right packaging material plays an important part in making dairy products more sustainable.  

Our packaging solutions for the dairy market provide far more than simple design. With consumers becoming more and more aware of the environmental footprint of packaging, combined with growing regulatory pressure, designing for circularity has become essential for future-proofing your company’s product portfolio.

Joining the transition towards a circular economy today, rather than later, will give you a first-mover advantage in differentiation – before it becomes required. At Faerch, we have a clear ambition to bring quality, safe and circular packaging to market, and we design our products for circularity: to keep dairy packaging in the loop and out of the environment. We innovate to ensure that our food packaging solutions can be recycled again and again. This is not some distant vision. It is today's reality.

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Boost your shelf presence and packaging appeal

At Faerch, we know how important packaging is when it comes to selling and branding your dairy product. Packaging is tangible and consumer-facing. While packaging is designed to keep your product safe, it also offers the ability to pull the consumer in the direction to your product on the shelf. This is especially important as competition in the dairy aisle has become increasingly fierce, with growing private label positions and dairy alternatives. At Faerch, we design packaging as an integral part of your product while also meeting your packaging requirements. We help you stay ahead of the curve with a wide range of standard and custom solutions that boost your shelf presence and packaging appeal. From dry offset prints to sleeved pots. 

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