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We invite you to join us in closing the loop on PET food packaging

Food packaging is essential. Packaging keeps food safe and helps prevent food waste. But what happens to your packaging after it is used? Does it end up as waste without any value? Or is it kept in the loop as a valuable resource?

As a leading supplier of food packaging, we believe that a circular economy for food packaging is essential to ensuring a sustainable future. 

As the world’s only integrated tray-to-tray PET recycler, we are doing this on an industrial scale. We invite you to join us in closing the loop on PET food packaging! Our PET packaging contains an average of 70% recycled content. We recycle used pots, tubs, and trays into new food packaging of the same quality – without compromising on food safety.


Join us in closing the loop on food trays

Imagine a system ensuring that a food tray is kept in the loop and recycled back into food grade material – again and again. Circular packaging made from post-consumer recycled material of the same quality is made possible by our Cirrec tray-to-tray recycling facility.


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Our concepts are designed to keep valuable circular
material in the economy, to create true circularity, and to
have a real impact on the environment and climate.





Evolve by Faerch

Evolve by Faerch packaging is made from post-consumer recycled material and can be fully recycled into new food packaging again and again. This packaging concept represents a true reflection of the European PET recycling stream. As such, the colour of this packaging fluctuates because it is created from a mix of recycled trays and bottles. The unique look of this packaging provides consumers with visual clues for making a sustainable choice of food packaging.


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