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Our fresh meat packaging made from PP protects the integrity of your food product

PP is a versatile material suitable for any fresh meat application. PP is frequently used to replace non-recyclable multi-layer materials. By choosing a PP solution for your fresh meat applications, you get material designed for high production flexibility while also providing unlimited standard and custom design options and cut sizes. 

PP can be used at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 121°C and to ensure food safety and integrity. Faerch fresh meat products made from PP comply with the strictest regulations on food safety.


Key characteristics for PP



Protective and safe food packaging

Safety is extremely important in fresh meat packaging. Choosing the right material is important for protecting your fresh meat product against contamination and keeping it fresh and appealing. Our fresh meat packaging made from PP protects the integrity of your food product at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 121°C, which includes hot use applications. Furthermore, our PP packaging keeps your fresh meat product safe from physical damage and spoilage, ensuring that the quality and integrity of your product does not change. This extends your product’s shelf life and helps reduce food waste.

Faerch fresh meat products made from PP comply with the strictest regulations on food safety. They meet the highest standards according to Regulation (EU) No 10/2011. No such specific regulation exists for non-plastic materials, only the softer Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004 is typically applied with certain practical limitations on how to prove food safety.



In contrast to MAPET II, which allows for true circularity, PP is made from 100% virgin material. However, fresh meat trays made from PP are fully recyclable in contrast to food packaging not made from a mono-material. PP, which is recycled from food applications, represents an important source of material for supplying other durable applications, such as in the automotive industry, and for applications such as child safety seats, bike helmets, garden furniture, and pipes. In the PP recycling chain, food applications represent the first step necessarily requiring 100% virgin material. PP is typically promoted by waste managers and legislators due to its excellent recycling capability and volume.

Protective packaging


Versatile in design

Enhance the sales appeal of your fresh meat product with a high-quality food packaging solution. Our PP trays for fresh meat and protein are available in numerous standard sizes, colours, and shapes, as well as countless custom options to perfectly match the visual identity of your brand and business.

Optimise your product presentation with base spikes that prevent your product from sliding in the tray, or adapt the tray design to match your product’s specific needs.


Customer convenience

Meet your customers’ needs and expectations with fresh meat packaging made from PP. Our PP food trays are designed to make your customers’ lives easier.

Here is a short run-down of the 6 key advantages of PP food packaging when it comes to convenience.

  • Superior clarity
    It only takes a few seconds for a consumer to judge your product. Thanks to its superior clarity, MAPET II lets your customer evaluate the quality and integrity of your fresh meat product prior to purchase. Honest and transparent product presentation can help set your product apart on the shelf.

  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 220°C
    With a wide temperature range from -20°C to 121°C, our PP trays can be heated for freezer-to-microwave convenience.

  • Built-in absorbers or pads
    Built-in absorbers and pads capture meat juices and keep your food product looking appealing.

  • Compartments to preserve food quality
    Compartments let you easily separate the ingredients of your fresh meat product. This prevents tastes and aromas from mixing.

  • Patented single-serve option
    Families are getting smaller and many consumers live alone. We are also experiencing an increasing desire from consumers to reduce food waste. Our patented single-serve option uses an innovative perforated tray design to permit portion control and help reduce food waste.

  • Secure handling
    Our PP products have no sharp edges, which ensures that they can be handled safely.


Perform well at point of sale

The design of your food packaging can drive sales for your fresh meat product. Our PP trays are designed for eye-catching shelf appeal, differentiation and impact. They offer great design flexibility, enabling you to effectively brand your ready meal product at the point of sale. 

  • Innovative and eye-catching designs, shapes, and styles
  • Clear version and multiple opaque colours
  • Attractive textures and embossing

In terms of logistics and distribution, PP is easy to handle due to its robustness and reliability.


Effective production flow

Consistent tray uniformity and secure sealing are two important factors for optimising your production flow and total cost of ownership. PP offers excellent tray uniformity, reliable denesting, and superior sealing. PP allows for top sealing, BDF and flow packing, and on-site packing by retailers. At the same time, PP offers you high production flexibility as you can apply many design variants and depths within the same sealing and tooling profile.

Key benefits of PP trays:

  • Excellent tray uniformity
  • Smooth and reliable denesting
  • Superior sealing properties that permit top sealing, BDF and flow packing, and on-site packing by retailers
  • Outstanding seal integrity
  • High impact strength – even at low temperatures
  • Short lead times and on-time delivery
  • Outstanding customer service


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