Fresh meat packaging made from PP-EVOH-PE

PP-EVOH-PE skin-packing for highly sensitive food applications

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Providing eye-catching on-shelf appeal and extending shelf life

Packaging fresh meat provides two main advantages: It protects your meat or protein product from physical damage and contamination while also preserving its quality and safety. With Faerch skin-packing made from PP-EVOH-PE, you receive a beneficial product that makes a tangible difference on your business. 

PP-EVOH-PE is designed for highly sensitive food applications and offers outstanding barrier properties. When your fresh meat product is skin-packed in a food tray made from PP-EVOH-PE, you are able to extend its shelf life by up to 21 days for premium products – and even further depending on the meat type. In addition, skin-packing also helps keep your product looking fresh and appealing.


Key characteristics for PP-EVOH-PE



Protective and safe food packaging

Food safety is extremely important in fresh meat packaging. Choosing the right tray material is important for protecting your product from contamination and keeping it fresh and appealing. Skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays provide superior barrier properties, ensuring the safety and integrity of fresh meat, poultry and seafood at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C. PP-EVOH-PE trays are also increasingly being used for plant-based protein products.

Food quality is ensured by an effective, food grade adhesive and outstanding seal integrity. The seal area is leak-proof despite potential contamination from meat juices, for example. At the same time, skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays are extremely beneficial in terms of extending your products shelf life without compromising on food safety. It allows your product’s shelf life to be extended, beyond what is possible with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), by up to 21 days and even further depending on the product. Extending your product’s shelf life helps reduce food waste, which is particularly important for energy-intensive food products like meat, poultry, and seafood.

Faerch fresh meat trays made from PP-EVOH-PE comply
with the strictest regulations on food safety.
They meet the highest standards according to
Regulation (EU) No 10/2011.



Versatile in design

Drive sales with maximum shelf appeal. Skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays for fresh meat and protein products guarantee a premium look with outstanding clarity. Trays are available in clear versions and in numerous colours, in a wide range of standard sizes, shapes, and designs, as well as in countless custom options to perfectly match the visual identity of your brand and product. In addition, the trays can be sealed with films from numerous suppliers.


Customer convenience

Meet your customers’ needs and expectations with skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays designed to make their lives easier.

Here is a short run-down of the 6 key advantages of PP-EVOH-PE fresh meat packaging when it comes to convenience.

  • Premium look
    It only takes a few seconds for a consumer to judge your product. Thanks to its premium look and appeal, PP-EVOH-PE trays help consumers assess the quality and integrity of your fresh meat product. The skin-tight packaging prevents unwanted air-pockets from forming and keeps juices from escaping.
  • Extended shelf life
    PP-EVOH-PE offers superior barrier properties, allowing your product’s shelf life to be extended beyond what is possible with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). PP-EVOH-PE extends your product’s shelf life by up to 21 days and even further depending on the product. This contributes to reducing food waste, which is important for energy-intensive food products like meat, poultry, and seafood.

  • Superior tenderness
    When consumers are evaluating your product, tenderness is important since it affects whether the consumer is going to buy your product again or not. Skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays increase meat tenderness over its shelf life, which helps increase consumer satisfaction and, consequently, the consumers’ willingness to buy your product again.
  • Easy open
    The seal application ensures that your product is easy to open and has a strong seal.
  • Freezer-to-microwave convenience
    PP-EVOH-PE trays for fresh meat are available for temperatures ranging from -20°C to 100°C, providing freezer-to-microwave convenience by allowing consumers to heat the product.

  •  Secure handling
    Our PP-EVOH-PE trays have no sharp edges, which ensures that they can be handled safely.


Perform well at point of sale  

How to make your fresh meat product stand out is a question of how it is perceived by the consumer. Besides keeping food safe, packaging is also a major factor in attracting the attention of the consumer. With fierce point-of-sale competition, your product – and its packaging – needs to be designed for maximum shelf appeal for it to be purchased. Skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays are just that.

Consumers associate meat colour with the product’s freshness. Freshness is therefore a determining factor when consumers are assessing your product and deciding whether to buy or not. The skin-tight closure of PP-EVOH-PE packaging is completely air-tight, ensuring outstanding food safety, presentation, and quality. At the same time, vertical facing allows for strong brand impact at the point of sale and reduced space requirements.



Effective production flow

As a processor, we know that ensuring effective production is just as important as meeting the needs and expectations of your customer. Our skin-packed PP-EVOH-PE trays are designed to optimise your production and total cost of ownership. Thanks to our trays’ excellent uniformity and short sealing time, you are guaranteed a smooth production flow. Our trays provide smooth and reliable denesting and, because the skin is applied perfectly, our trays are not distorted during the packaging process. Furthermore, our trays keep their excellent sealing properties despite any potential contamination.

Key benefits of PP-EVOH-PE trays:

  • Excellent tray uniformity
  • Excellent sealing properties to prevent potential contamination
  • Smooth and reliable denesting
  • Low stacking height for reduced logistics and handling costs
  • Compatible with the Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray system, and Cryovac® Mirabella (MRT trays) version available
  • Short lead times and on-time delivery
  • Outstanding customer service


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