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Zero pellet loss

One of the challenges causing growing public concern is the increasing quantity of plastic waste ending up in the oceans and resulting in significant economic and environmental damage. Though plastic waste entering the oceans from Europe represents a small portion of total global ocean pollution, we have committed ourselves to adopting best practises. We are taking the first step to ensuring that plastic materials passing through our facilities are handled carefully and do not end up in our waterways and oceans.

At Faerch, we participate in an ongoing international campaign called "Operation Clean Sweep”. Many of our sites have already enrolled and by 2025 our goal is that all our site will participate. The campaign’s goal is to help every operation handling plastic resin to implement good housekeeping and pellet containment practices in order to achieve zero pellet loss.

With the involvement of several departments, we reviewed our facility to identify the places where plastic pellet loss occurs. As a consequence, the material storage area by the outdoor silos was upgraded with powerful filters and top grates at the outdoor drainage systems.

These filters collect raw material and are regularly monitored and cleaned. The next step in this initiative is to determine how we can prevent pellet loss earlier in the process.    

To do so, we will be working with Operation Clean Sweep and implementing the five basic steps in order to enhance the maturity level of own our operations.
These steps are:

   1. Committing to making zero pellet loss a priority.
   2. Assessing our company’s situation and needs.
   3. Making necessary upgrades to facilities and equipment as appropriate.
   4. Raising employee awareness and creating accountability.
   5. Following up on and enforcing procedures.

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