Onboarding at Faerch

It is important to us that you have a good start at Faerch and that you quickly gain an in-depth understanding of our company and culture. When joining Faerch, you will go through our comprehensive onboarding programme designed to connect you with Faerch and to help you get settled in your new workplace – from day one. The programme operates on two levels: An organisational level and a department level. 

At organisational level

To help you feel like you're part of Faerch, we have designed an induction programme that aims to give you a thorough understanding of our business. The programme takes place in your business unit and at our headquarters in Denmark. This allows you to experience our business at its core and to connect with the majority of stakeholders.

During the induction programme, you will be given a thorough introduction to Faerch, our products, and the production site – and we will introduce you to departments and contacts across the organisation.

In your department

To successfully onboard new colleagues, we present a planned onboarding schedule at department level. The purpose of department onboarding is to introduce you to your tasks and responsibilities and to your new department, making you feel part of the team. Onboarding is followed by evaluation and feedback.


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