New WRAPET range for superior wrapping properties

Mono-PET trays, recycled and 100% recyclable

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Designed for circularity and seamless transition on existing production lines

The new WRAPET range of clear mono-PET trays are made from market leading amounts of post-consumer recycled content and are 100% recyclable into new food grade trays. The range is a circular solution specifically designed for fresh meat packaging. This unique design features folded edges, enabling the WRAPET range to be easily processable under the same conditions as the Expanded PolyStyrene trays (EPS).

The design at the base of the tray is able to absorb the excess liquid from the product without the need for absorbent pads. These features, combined with a low stacking height of only 3 mm - which reduces handling and optimises transport - makes the WRAPET solution the ideal choice, for your food packaging solution. 


Unique features

The WRAPET range has been developed through innovation and our deep passion for creating circularity in food packaging. Watch the video and let us show you all the great features of this new range. If you want to know more please feel free to contact us below.


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To give you an easy overview of the WRAPET range we've created a Product Sheet with all the essential information. Feel free to download it below.


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Our ambition is to lead the industry’s efforts in
making food packaging truly circular, and the new
WRAPET range is a perfect fit for that.





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