Choice of material matters in food packaging

Maximising recyclability in food packaging

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Maximising recyclability in food packaging

Good food packaging keeps food safe. It prolongs shelf life and contributes to reducing food waste. Selecting the right material is key to ensuring true circularity in food packaging. We believe that the way forward is packaging made from recycled material that can be recycled and repurposed.

We promote the mono-material PET as the material of choice in food packaging
The market for rigid food packaging is undergoing an important and rapid change from multi-materials to mono-materials.

Material choice is key when it comes to meeting the highest standards of food safety, durability and circularity – especially when it comes to recycling food packaging.

As with bottles, the mono-material PET is becoming the standard for rigid food packaging it is the only material that allows for true circularity while also meeting the strictest food safety requirements. PET can be recycled back into food grade products without compromising on any functional properties, like food safety in particular.


From 8 days to infinity

Making the right choice matters. By selecting our PET food packaging solutions for your business, you get a circular solution made from post-consumer recycled content which can be recycled back into its original purpose again and again – without compromising on food safety. Partnering with Faerch is a unique opportunity to close the loop on food trays and solve the challenge of single-use plastic. As an integrated recycler, we work with advanced circular technologies in our efforts to avoid waste in food packaging.


The different materials in food packaging

Mono-material PET is the material of choice in food packaging - it meets the highest standards of food safety, durability and is the only material within food packaging that allows true circularity.

We have made a comprehensive list of the various plastic materials within food packaging, so you can see what suits your needs - and how you choose circular solution.


Download the list as a one-pager


Food packaging with more post-consumer recycled content than the rest of the market  

Our food packaging solutions are made from the mono-material PET and PP. Among these materials, we strongly promote PET since it is the only material allowing for circular recycling and thereby true circularity. PET simply outperforms other materials in rigid food packaging.

We offer third-party validation of the post-consumer and pre-consumer content (rPET) in our recipes based according to ISO definitions.


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We process pots, tubs, and trays from all
across Europe with a capacity of 1,2 billion
post-consumer recycled mono-PET trays per year.





Taking food packaging to the next level

For our goal of true circularity in food packaging, material choice is key. Evolve by Faerch is a new product designed to overcome the limitations in existing infrastructure. Evolve by Faerch is made from post-consumer recycled content. Furthermore, Evolve by Faerch is fully recyclable and can be detected reliably. At the same time, its unique look reminds us that we should treat the tray as a valuable resource rather than discarding it as waste. After use, the tray can be collected for recycling – again and again.


Evolve by Faerch explained

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