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A career path that allows you pursue your ambitions and interests

Inspiring your personal growth and professional development is a vital part of our corporate culture. That is why we offer you different career paths that let you pursue your ambitions and interests – whether you want to expand your professional skills, take on more responsibility, or crossover into new areas of our organisation.


Expand your professional skills
Broaden your responsibility and gain new experience



Take on greater responsibility and more complex assignments



Crossover into different areas 
Take your career into a new area of specialisation



We are committed to growing your talent and potential. Your career goals and development are kept on track using employee development reviews and individual development plans.

Everyone at Faerch is expected to take responsibility for their own development and learning. Our employee development review is an important tool to support your growth. Every year, you and your manager talk openly about your long-term career aspirations and evaluate your current performance and job satisfaction.

We believe that learning and developing is as individual as you are. An individual development plan is a tool to help you reach your long-term career goals. It is prepared in collaboration between the employee, manager, and HR, and is tailored to your personal needs and the long-term goals of our business.



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