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Circular food packaging at Faerch

Together for true circularity in food packaging

Food packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of food products and avoiding food waste, but we need to be mindful of the impact we have on the world around us. As a leading provider of food packaging and circular PET recycling, we are aware of our responsibility in addressing the challenges facing our industry. Responsible business practises and sustainability have long been at the heart of our DNA, business strategy, and daily operations. We are committed to helping drive our industry towards true circularity.

We believe that a circular economy for food packaging is essential to ensuring a more sustainable future. This is not a distant vision at Faerch. The reality is that Faerch designs food packaging that protects food and keeps it safe while reducing food waste. And we innovate to ensure that our food packaging solutions can be recycled – keeping them in the economy and out of the environment. This is how we make sure that rigid food packaging is properly reused in a circular economy again and again.

Over the years, we have been at the forefront of leading technology, expert knowledge, and best practices within the packaging industry. We have introduced products with more post-consumer recycled content than any other on the market. In addition, our Cirrec recycling facility in the Netherlands makes us the only food packaging company in the world to operate as an integrated recycler of PET pots, tubs, and trays, enabling us to recycle used PET food packaging back into new food grade products on an industrial scale. The Evolve by Faerch concept is the perfect example of how to achieve a circular economy. The trays are made from European post-consumer recycled content and can be fully recycled into new food grade trays of the same quality – again and again.

As a final step in Faerch’s journey to establish true circularity in food packaging, the share of post-consumer recycled content is the most important indicator of sustainability. At Faerch, we believe that more transparency is needed in the industry to help customers compare and evaluate products properly. As a consequence, we offer third-party validation of the post-consumer and pre-consumer content (rPET) in our recipes based according to ISO definitions. Our aim is to set a new industry standard allowing customers and consumers to identify and distinguish the real sustainability level of a food packaging product.

“Circularity is not a distant vision. We are doing it already.”

What does circular food packaging mean to us?

At Faerch, circularity is integrated into every aspect of our business. Having a sustainability focus means working systematically to reduce our impact on people, society, and the environment. We set ambitious goals and incorporate sustainability into our entire value chain.

Our goal is to become the key player in the circular economy for food packaging while, at the same time, reducing the environmental footprint of our products and making sure that we continue to add value for our customers.



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