Back Of Store by Faerch


A closed loop recycling programme


The Back Of Store by Faerch programme (BOS) exemplifies how we work to design out waste, keeping valuable materials in use and in the economy. 

With the Back of Store Programme, back of store rigid food packaging is collected, recycled, and turned into new food grade packaging after use – without being wasted or devalued.

Until recently, PET shelf ready packaging - widely used in the UK to transport products – was used once and downcycled into non-food applications. Now, thanks to the Back Of Store initiative, PET packaging will be collected and through an advanced recycling process, the packaging material will be used to make new food contact PET pots, tubs, and trays.




As the world’s only integrated tray recycler,
we have the capability, capacity, and expertise
to support the industry’s transition towards
a circular economy for primary food packaging.





Driving forward industry-leading initiative with Tesco

Tesco will be diverting 2,000 tonnes of retail ready packaging tray waste back into food packaging applications, using Eurokey’s (part of the Reconomy Group company), polymer sorting facility and Faerch’s tray recycling facility in the Netherlands, with the material used to make new food trays across Faerch’s production sites.


See the Back Of Store case with Tesco


We have the ambition to
lead the industry’s efforts
in making food packaging circular...

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