We are the world’s only integrated tray-to-tray recycler

Turning used food trays into new food grade material

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In this exclusive video, Aron Damen, our Managing Director for Cirrec at Faerch, takes us behind the scenes at our integrated recycling plant, where plastic waste is transformed into raw materials for new rigid food packaging. 

Transforming waste into valuable resources

As the world’s only integrated recycler of pots, tubs, and trays, we offer circular recycling on an industrial scale. Cirrec, which is our recycling facility in the Netherlands, is the only PET recycling plant capable of taking in used post-consumer food trays from collectors, sorters, and customers from across Europe and recycling them back into new food grade material. This material is used to make new food trays across our production sites – without compromising on food safety or any other key functional properties essential to our business and customers. 

We save PET as a valuable resource by washing and sorting it in multiple steps. Each step contributes to ensuring food safety in the value chain. We can detect all colours, and the end result is flakes and pellets ready to be processed into new products of the same high quality, that you know and expect from us.

Fully recyclable – made from recycled material

Our trays are made from fully recyclable materials and are produced with a market-leading recycled post-consumer content. On average, the post-consumer recycled content in our PET trays is more than 70%. Our target is to use more than 100,000 tonnes of post-consumer recycled material per year.


Customer programmes

From a recycling perspective, used PET trays are of high value. However, the quality of the incoming material we process at our recycling facilities determines the yield and value we are able to generate. Each bale of post-consumer recycled PET is important to us, and we source quality bales from all over Europe. With a closed loop concept, input quality is high and homogeneous, making it perfectly suited for efficient recycling. That is why we offer special customer programmes to make sure that PET is kept in the economy – and recycled again and again. This benefits the environment – and your business.


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