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Reduced handling and CO2 emission with Ultra Low Stacking by Faerch

With Faerch patented Ultra Low Stacking your fresh meat packaging will require up to 67% less space during transport, transit packaging and in storage handling. All for the benefit of the environment as well as a financial gain for your business.

-    Reduced delivery miles and CO2 emissions
-    Reduced unloading into your warehouse
-    Reduced warehouse storage
-    Reduced internal transportation – warehouse to warehouse
-    Reduced transit packaging
-    Reduced internal transportation – warehouse to production
-    Reduced feeding intervals in your production
-    Reduced order intervals

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How it works

At the heart of the Ultra Low Stacking tray’s innovation lies the noteworthy 1.5 mm gap between each tray, a significant contrast to the 3-6 mm gap found in traditional trays.

Watch the video and see how it works.

Maximise results while minimising emissions

In 2020 Norwegian Norfersk decided to switch from PP to PET made from 99% recycled content and fully recyclable. The goal was to develop a Ultra Low Stacking tray, that was designed to be compatible with a denesting tool, accommodating trays of varying heights to ensure smooth transitions.


See how Norfersk pushed the limits with 67% less

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