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Reduce the environmental impact of your ready meal range with CPET food packaging

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CPET food packaging from Faerch means true circularity

Keep one step ahead of the competition with high-quality ready meal packaging made from CPET. CPET is the material of choice for ready meals due to its superior functional properties and the unique way it combines food safety and circularity.

CPET packaging from Faerch is, on average, made from 70% recycled content and can be fully recycled into new food grade products again and again.

Learn more about Faerch’s commitment to ensuring true circularity in food packaging.


Key characteristics for CPET



Protective and safe food packaging

When it comes to ensuring food safety, choosing the right material is key. The right packaging protects your ready meal product from physical damage and helps to avoid food waste. At Faerch, we take pride in delivering protective and safe food packaging solutions that match your every need while also complying with the strictest regulations on food safety.

Food safety is a prerequisite for high-quality ready meal products. CPET boasts outstanding barrier properties for ensuring your food has the best protection and maintains its integrity. This is important in meeting consumer expectation for safety and health. To ensure premium food protection, safety and integrity, our CPET ready meal packaging meets the highest standards for temperatures ranging from -40°C to +220°C. CPET retains its shape at high temperatures, making it the perfect material for chilled and frozen ready meals that are meant to be reheated or cooked. The material is dual ovenable, meaning it offers both freezer-to-oven and freezer-to-microwave convenience without compromising on safety or any other key functional properties.

CPET boasts excellent sealing properties and is suitable for both top sealing and flow packing. When using a CPET solution, your ready meal product is protected from physical damage and any negative effects on flavour. CPET forms a highly effective barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, which helps reduce the risk of contamination, improves food quality, and extends shelf lives.

CPET+ does everything CPET can but goes beyond it by also being suitable for sterilisation and ideal for ambient storage. CPET+ can extend the shelf life by up to two years under normal storage conditions.


Sustainable and truly circular food packaging

Gain a competitive advantage by turning your ready meal packaging into a high-value product that can be recycled again and again. Consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable packaging when making their purchase decisions. By choosing our CPET food packaging solutions for ready meals, you are getting a sustainable solution made from recycled content which can be recycled into its original purpose again and again – without compromising on food safety. This gives your business a unique opportunity to close the loop on food trays and help solve the challenge of single-use plastic.

In contrast to materials like PP, which consists of 100% virgin material, our CPET trays are made from fully recyclable materials and produced with a market-leading recycled post-consumer content. On average, the post-consumer recycled content in our CPET trays is 70%. Being fully recyclable, our CPET trays can be recycled into new food grade trays of the same quality – again and again. This allows for true circularity, making CPET trays the sustainable choice for hot use applications.

True circularity in food packaging is not some distant vision.

Learn more about how our integrated recycling capability ensures tray-to-tray recycling on an industrial scale.

The importance of CPET in ready meal packaging is expected to increase as concerns grow among experts with regard to the migration of aluminium packaging in hot use applications and the limited recyclability of laminated pulp/board material.

Overcome shortcomings in existing sorting infrastructure with black CPET ID

Effective detection is a prerequisite for separating trays from household waste in order to mitigate shortcomings in existing sorting infrastructure, which is unable to detect black food trays. With appropriate detection and sorting systems in place, black trays can be recycled into new food grade trays of the same quality – again and again. We have been offering black CPET ID as a solution since 2012. Black CPET ID can be detected by NIR (near infrared) optical sorting equipment, which is typically used in most recycling facilities.

Black CPET ID was developed in collaboration with a consortium led by UK retailers and WRAP, Nextek, Titech, and Eurofins. Thorough testing and years of application have confirmed its functionality and reliable detectability. 

Take your ready meal packaging to the next level with Evolve by Faerch

Being fully committed to true circularity in food packaging, we developed Evolve by Faerch for ready meals: a product designed to overcome the limitations of existing infrastructure. Evolve by Faerch possesses the same properties as our leading CPET products, especially with regard to food safety, sustainability, and functional properties. Evolve by Faerch is made from recycled content. Furthermore, Evolve by Faerch is fully recyclable and reliably detectable by existing infrastructure. At the same time, its unique look reminds us that we should treat the tray as a valuable resource rather than discarding it as waste. After use, the tray can be collected for recycling – again and again.



Versatile in design

Every brand is looking for something unique that will make it stand out. Stay one step ahead of the competition with ready meal packaging featuring eye-catching designs and modern aesthetics. The packaging of your ready meal product is a key component of your brand since it gives consumers their first impression of your product and values. With countless standard shapes, textures, dual colour variants, embossing effects, lidding options, and custom solutions, our range of CPET trays can be customised to perfectly match your needs.

Optimising your packaging design is the perfect way to get the attention of consumers since packaging influences their buying behaviour.

Colour, shape and design can help draw a consumer's attention and can be used to differentiate your ready meal product from competing products on the shelf. Design is therefore an essential component of your product’s packaging as it has the potential to trigger an emotional engagement.


Customer convenience

Meet your customers’ need for convenience with our CPET products for ready meals. The role of food packaging has extended beyond the shelf. Consumers are looking for appealing and convenient solutions that make their lives a little easier. CPET packaging from Faerch lets you integrate convenience features that will make life a little easier for the consumers receiving your ready meals.

Here is a short run-down of the 6 key advantages of CPET food packaging when it comes to convenience:

  • Wide temperature range from -40°C to 220°C
    The wide temperature range lets you offer freezer-to-oven and freezer-to-microwave convenience. The material retains its shape at high temperatures, which permits hot filling and cooking directly in the tray.

  • Oven-to-table convenience
    Consumers are demanding convenience packs designed to be put straight onto the table. With clever design, our CPET products come with oven-to-table convenience and authentic cooking and tableware appeal.
  • Easy and secure opening
    Our CPET products are easy to open securely without leaving any residue on the rim. This keeps your ready meal product safe while offering convenience and ease of use to the consumer.
  • Compartments
    Use compartments to easily separate meal ingredients. This prevents tastes and aromas from mixing.

  • Reduce food waste
    It is estimated that about 1/3 of the food produced globally is wasted. Fighting food waste has become a global challenge that calls for action. Families are getting smaller and many single people live alone. In addition, we are seeing an increasing desire from consumers to reduce food waste. This drives sales of single-serve options and portion packs that can be put straight onto the table. Our range of CPET products includes many single-serve options. As such, our CPET products help reduce food waste while making portion control easier.

  • Secure handling
    Our CPET products have no sharp edges, which ensures that they can be handled safely.


Perform well at point of sale

Enhance your brand with innovative ready meal packaging made from CPET. Our CPET packaging solutions are designed for maximum shelf appeal, differentiation and impact. They offer great design flexibility, enabling you to effectively brand your ready meal product at the point of sale.

  • Innovative and striking designs, shapes, and styles
  • Numerous colours as well as dual-colour options
  • Attractive textures and embossing

Sustainable packaging has become increasingly important. Consumers not only demand less packaging, they also want their packaging to be designed in a responsible manner that permits recycling. Our CPET products help you stay competitive and do business in a sustainable way – and they help you deliver on your sustainability goals.



Easy to handle in production

Easy handling is essential to ensuring that your production flow is stable and effective. Thanks to the excellent uniformity and conformity of our trays with their market-leading low variances in cut positions and tolerances, our CPET products help you optimise your production flow and total cost of ownership.

CPET offers outstanding resilience due to its high impact strength – even at low temperatures. CPET provides smooth and reliable denesting to ensure a fast, efficient, and uninterrupted production flow. The low stacking height makes handling, storage, and transportation far less complicated. This helps you reduce logistics and handling costs.


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