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Company Overview

Faerch is a leading supplier of circular, rigid food packaging and with integrated recycling capability. We serve food manufacturers and retailers around the world with our network of state-of-the-art production facilities across Europe.

We supply food manufacturers, food retailers, food service providers, and airlines with food packaging solutions designed to optimise their production flow, supply chain and total cost of ownership.

Our thermoformed food trays meet the highest standards and deliver outstanding food safety, maximum consumer convenience, and superior performance at the point of sale. At the same time, we are committed to circular food packaging and offer fully recyclable PET trays.

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Serving food manufacturers and retailers globally

We serve food manufacturers and retailers around the world with our network of state-of-the-art production facilities across Europe, Asia and the US.


Facts & Figures

Owned by A.P. Moller Group
and the Færch Foundation

5.600 employees who serve
our customers across 6 continents

Industrial scale PET tray-to-tray
recycling facility in the Netherlands

More than 200,000 tonnes
of recycled post-consumer PET
used in the past 10 years

From 2019 onwards, we target to use more
than 100,000 tonnes
of recycled
PET per year

Over 65% average
content in our PET trays


What is Faerch?



Circular food packaging

At Faerch, a sustainability focus is integrated into every aspect of our business: from high-level decisions to day-to-day activities. Creating circularity in food packaging is reflected in our work, strategic focus and targets. This approach is nothing new to us. Acting responsibly and keeping our sustainability footprint in mind is at the heart of everything we do. Our priorities, corporate strategy and daily operations have reflected this focus for years. To reduce our impact on society and the environment, we set ambitious targets and integrate circularity into our entire value chain. From the materials that go into our food trays to our energy consumption.

As the world’s first supplier of food trays with integrated recycling capability, we have taken the lead in making food packaging truly circular.

Food trays made from recycled content
We lead the market with the post-consumer recycled content in our PET trays.

Recyclable food trays
Our PET trays can be fully recycled into new food grade products of the same quality, in an endless number of cycles.

Food safe
Quality means everything. We never compromise on food safety or any other functional property. 

Current reality
Tray-to-tray recycling is already happening
 on an industrial scale at Faerch today. Our recycling facility in the Netherlands is the only one in the world capable of taking in used food trays from collectors, sorters and customers from across Europe and recycle them back into new food grade material. 


Less food waste, lower CO2 footprint

In this rapidly changing market environment, decisions about food packaging have become very challenging. Retailers, brand owners and packaging suppliers need to work together to solve the challenges facing the industry. Sustainability in food packaging is not limited to the packaging material itself, it also reflects the resulting waste and carbon footprint.

Did you know that global food waste accounts for 4.4 gigatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year? If food waste was a country, it would be the third largest emitter in the world. Food packaging plays an important role in protecting products and consumers, as well as reducing food waste. At Faerch, we are constantly innovating and strive to deliver packaging products that extend product shelf life and reduce food waste.


Global presence

We serve food manufacturers and retailers around the world with our network of state-of-the-art production facilities across Europe and the US: Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Israel, the US and the Czech Republic.




50+ years of industry know-how

We know that design, quality, service and delivery are important to your business. Faerch provides you with cutting-edge design, exceptional quality, advanced production facilities, professional customer service, innovative packaging, and reliable, on-time delivery. 

Trends and opportunities in food packaging

With our deep insight and understanding of market trends, we identify opportunities that keep you ahead of the curve and enable you to respond quickly to market changes. 

Design and innovation in food products

Faerch provides innovative food packaging solutions that meet your needs and can be tailored as required. Our top priority is to create food packaging that make a positive difference in your business.

Speed and flexibility

We help you bring your products to the market and to react quickly and effectively to market changes. 

Quality and reliability

We are committed to first-class quality and to making products fit perfectly with your business.

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Our values

Our values and ambitions

We offer innovative and sustainable food packaging designed to meet the most demanding expectations. Whether you are looking for a stylish makeover of your ready meal range, high convenience packaging to boost brand impact of a food to go product, or a reliable fresh meat solution. If you need a stable production flow, we have you covered.

As your trusted partner, we are committed to bringing value to your business with food packaging. We always strive to find a solution that matches your needs and requirements. Our dedicated development and design teams are constantly raising the bar and challenging established technologies to deliver innovative, optimised, high-quality packaging solutions using a wide range of materials and designs.

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Adding value

We focus on adding value to our customers’ businesses through outstanding packaging solutions

We help food businesses grow in a world that is constantly changing. Over the past five decades, we have worked to transform the food packaging industry with cutting-edge packaging designed to meet the most demanding expectations.

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