Our strategy for circularity

We are taking the lead on circularity in food packaging


Circularity is not some distant vision

Packaging plays a key role in protecting the quality and freshness of food products. But did you know that the average lifespan of a food tray can be as little as 8 days – from the day it is produced to the day it is disposed of by the consumer? 

This is a waste of resources and, as a leading supplier of food packaging, we are on a mission to change it. In a circular economy, food trays are made from recycled material that, after use, can be recycled into new food grade products of the same quality – again and again.


The world’s only integrated food tray-to-tray recycler

Circularity is not some distant vision. We are doing it already. In fact, we use an average 70% of recycled content in our PET trays, and we recycle trays back into new food trays – without compromising on food safety. As the world’s only integrated food tray-to-tray recycler, we are doing circularity on an industrial scale.

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