European patent on environmental award winner

Since 2013, Faerch has offered MAPET® II mono PET packaging for customers seeking a sustainable packaging solution for fresh meat. With the award of a new European patent, Faerch has further improved its ability to market the innovative and environmentally friendly series of clear trays made from recovered plastic material.

Both transparent and “green”

Being both transparent and environmentally friendly, MAPET® II can simultaneously meet a variety of consumer demands. According to the Global Packaging Trends 2016 report by the research agency Mintel, consumers expect clear information about what they are buying, especially when it comes to food. They want to be able to see the product before making their decision to purchase, and environmental consciousness is a larger factor than ever before, particularly with regard to packaging.

“We are keenly aware that both consumers and food producers are taking responsibility for sustainability and environmental impact. Plastic products should remain in circulation for reuse and out of incinerators or landfills. The producers are also concerned about reducing their carbon footprint,” says Torben Nygaard Pedersen, Category Manager for Fresh Meat at Faerch.

Transparent MAPET® II packaging provides excellent product presentation to consumers. The meat is perfectly visible and consumers find it easy to navigate refrigerated counters. Retailers can also benefit from communicating this green profile to consumers, e.g. through ads, on labels or by embossing the recycling logo on the tray itself.


Strong and environmentally friendly seal

One of the environmental challenges of plastic trays for fresh foods is that they are often made from APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) with a layer of PE (polyethylene) as a sealing material. This combination ensures a strong seal, but presents challenges to recycling because the two materials are mixed together.

“When you mix APET and PE, they are extremely difficult to separate again. Recovered MAPET® II can be granulated and in theory recycled indefinitely. The sealing rim has a layer of “hot melt” adhesive applied to it that is compatible with all conventional films. The strong and secure seal enables a simple and efficient production flow with a very high degree of uniformity in the trays. The adhesive is easily washed away in the normal recycling process,” explains Torben Nygaard Pedersen.


Read more about Faerch’s patent on MAPET ® II.



  • The award-winning mono PET packaging for fresh meat, poultry and fish, largely made from recycled APET plastic material.
  • A unique layer of sealing adhesive on the rim of the tray ensures an air tight and leak-proof seal, even through oil and meat juice contamination.
  • The sealing adhesive is approved for direct food contact.

Faerch has obtained a European patent for MAPET® II.