Meet Michelle
and Amani


Promoting equal opportunities

At Faerch, we recognise the immense value that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace brings to our organisation, our employees, and our broader community. We foster a collaborative and supportive environment that promotes equal opportunities and empowers individuals to bring their authentic selves to work, leading to higher engagement and overall success. 



Meet Amani Hassan

Kickstarting a career in finance



Young talents of today are our specialists and leaders of tomorrow. Amani Hassan joined our Future Faerch Generation Programme in August 2023 after graduating with a master’s degree in finance and international business from Aarhus BSS. Amani turned to Faerch to combine learning with hands-on practical work. 

A journey of growth and opportunity  
In the Graduate Programme, Amani began in the Finance department focusing on treasury tasks. During the Programme, Amani’s role grew to include Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) tasks, showcasing how achieving ESG milestones could positively impact Faerch’s investment opportunities. She is now looking to gain an international experience in one of our global business units. 

Learning in a supportive environment
Reflecting on her time at Faerch, Amani believes that the experience has empowered her to effectively convey complex financial information during meetings, both in local and international contexts. 

“I believe it’s crucial to ask questions and embrace mistakes. It’s part of the learning experience. The supportive environment at Faerch creates a safe space where everyone is ready to guide and assist. The extensive opportunities for self and skill development within the company are a testament to the nurturing culture at Faerch. It is a culture that fosters growth and exploration.”

Talents of today – specialists and leaders of tomorrow
Faerch is evolving at pace, and to achieve our ambition and business targets, we are constantly looking for new talents to join our team. The Future Faerch Generation Programme is designed to attract graduates and to accelerate personal and professional development. From day one, candidates will experience real responsibility and hands-on challenges, while being supported by industry experts in an international business environment.






“Faerch provided a dynamic learning environment that not only improved my analytical skills in understanding risk factors and risk management but also elevated my skills within the financial decision-making process.”

Amani Hassan

Meet Michelle Barbesgaard

From consultant to Senior Product Manager



At Faerch, we are dedicated to nurturing personal and professional growth. Michelle Barbesgaard joined our team in September 2021. Her journey evolved from a consultancy role to Senior Product Manager in Group Product Management. Since joining Faerch, her responsibilities and dedication steadily expanded.

Michelle’s journey to a management position 
Michelle’s journey at Faerch is marked by key milestones. From Commercial Development to Group Digitalisation, where she played a pivotal role in designing and implementing SAP IBP. 

Returning from maternity leave in May 2023, Michelle became Market Insights Manager in Group Strategy & Product Management. In September 2023, she embraced the role of Senior Product Manager, finding fulfilment in multidisciplinary tasks and collaboration across departments. 

Faerch has a clear development strategy and Michelle’s journey showcases that the company works systematically to enhance internal recruitment and leadership development. Michelle has shown a commitment to understanding Faerch’s history and operations. Her proactive approach to learning and her effective internal networking skills have been key factors in her professional growth.

“It was a great opportunity for me to challenge myself, expand my professional skills and to take on greater responsibilities. My hope is to contribute to sustaining Faerch’s position as a leader in both product innovation and cost-effectiveness,” says Michelle.





“Faerch, being a large international company, perfectly matches my professional growth aspirations. I am inspired by the company’s values, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to achieve true circularity in food packaging, and I am proud to contribute to this meaningful journey.”

Michelle Barbesgaard