Fish for Lidl stores

"In the ten years we have worked with the company, they have always been reliable in terms of product, supply and overall service. What is more, they offer the most extensive range of containers to suit virtually any application. Being able to purchase off-the-shelf trays at the right size means there is no need to buy new tooling for each job.”

Paul Rimmington, Head of Purchasing & Stock Control at Seafish UK.

Parameters like packaging quality, delivery time, tooling costs, material properties were key when Seafish UK should decide on packaging supplier.

Ten year relationship

Continuing its ten year relationship with Seafish UK, Faerch is supplying the company with dual ovenable rectangular black CPET trays for its new frozen ready meal line – three fish roast - for retailer Lidl. Faerch already provides Seafish UK with a large number of containers in various sizes and materials per year for its array of seafood and fish products
Extensive range
“When launching our new three fish roast, we naturally approached Faerch,” explains Paul Rimmington, Head of Purchasing & Stock Control at Seafish UK.
Andrew Cawood, Faerch’s Account & Design Manager, adds: “At Faerch, we are committed to developing long term relationships with our customers by delivering the highest standards of service at all times and adapting to clients changing needs. We are very proud to have worked with Seafish UK for the last ten years and hope we may continue to do so for many years to come.”
CPET for fish
Lightweight yet robust the CPET trays are ideally suited for packaging Seafish’s newest product line due to their high temperature stability (-40°C up to +220°C) and ability to be taken directly from the freezer and heated in either a conventional oven or microwave. The packs are manufactured in Holstebro before being delivered to Seafish for filling and sealing using lidding film. The sleek black trays compliment the smart and sophisticated design of the product’s outer packaging
The brand new three fish roast, which consists of layers of smoked haddock, cod and salmon in a creamy cheddar cheese and spring onion sauce, is a deluxe frozen ready meal developed for Lidl for the Christmas season.