Modern packaging for today’s sixty-somethings

Market survey results started the process of developing a new packaging range for meals aimed at those born in the years following WW2.

Imagine you have meals delivered on a weekly basis from a central kitchen. What would make your every day life easier? What would make your mealtime more enjoyable and easier to prepare? The conclusion from a survey of Dutch consumers highlighted some key factors to improve the packaging of the everyday meal: 



  • It should look like a porcelain plate
  • It should be safe to handle
  • It should be easy to eat from
  • It should enhance the appearance of the food

The development teams at Huuskes and Faerch worked intensively to design a tray that would meet the demands from the survey. The target group was the modern sixty-somethings of today’s world. “This specific target group has a high level of disposable income, demands higher quality meals, and an improved more exciting presentation of the dishes”, says Marcel Hofmeijer – Business Manager for innovation and operations at Huuskes. 

Appearance matters 
Huuskes specifically asked for CPET trays because “it gives a quality appearance, it is very stable in its form, and is suitable for heating” explain Marcel Hofmeijer. “It is a solid choice of material as it can be both heated in microwave and conventional oven. The simpler the better for this target group”, continues Marcel Hofmeijer. 

Often modern packaging solutions come in a variety of colours. In this case Huuskes chose white, as it reminds the consumer of the ceramics you would have at home. The trays are round which makes it easier for elderly and handicapped to handle the trays. On top of that the wall angle of the trays makes it easy for the end-consumer to eat out of the plate.

The new range of trays has also enough space to present ethnic meals and dishes like salmon, spare ribs, and fish.




C 0240


We all know that the first bite is “with the eye”, Marcel Hofmeijer adds “Up to 70% of the appeal of the meal is created by its presentation” – meal, sleeve and packaging. “We deliver the new concept of exceptional quality meals in a packaging combination to match.”, states Marcel Hofmeijer. 

Success from the beginning
The new series consists of 2, 3 and a 4 compartment trays (C 0240-2D, C 0240-3C, C0240-4F). For details of sales restrictions contact Faerch Plast.