Exclusive packaging for sliced meat

Throughout Europe, manufacturers are packing sliced meat in different and more inviting packaging. We have taken a closer look at this trend.

A recent market survey shows that 98 percent of all sliced meat is packed in deep-drawn trays. However, there are now several producers who enjoy the benefit of packaging products in more exclusive trays that signal quality. These trays send out entirely different messages to the consumer, who often make their purchasing decisions based on visual perception.

Customers demand quality
Along with the sliced meat tray development, consumers are placing more and greater demands on products before food finds its way into their shopping trolleys. Products should appear exclusive, of high quality, and should be able to be seen when packed for consumer quality assessment. APET is one of the best materials for making the new type of trays. APET trays offer great clarity signalling transparency, trustworthiness and quality. The material is also ideal for products such as sliced meats, which require a good barrier, since APET’s high barrier properties can help extend shelf-life and preserve freshness.
Many possibilities
If producers change over from traditional deep-drawn sliced meat packages to thermoformed trays in APET, they have countless possibilities for giving products the packaging which will best present them. For example, trays can either be sealed with lids or packed in sealed bags, which are pulled over the tray after the product has been inserted in them, and then sealed. The bags can be opened and closed repeatedly by the consumer so the contents remain fresh in the refrigerator. In terms of the shape and design of the packaging our imagination is about the only limit. In a market where there are increasing demands for being seen and standing out from one’s competitors, there are good reasons for considering how to ensure that your products end up in the consumers shopping trolley. So why not let the packaging help make the difference.