Faerch and Yeo Valley collaborates to advance circularity in packaging


Leading European supplier of innovative packaging solutions for the food industry, Faerch, are excited to launch yet another product with major UK dairy brand, Yeo Valley. Yeo Valley is introducing their popular organic yogurt range in pots made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. The pots are designed to be recycled back into food grade material and demonstrates Faerch’s commitment to drive the industry towards a circular economy for food packaging.

Yeo Valley has progressively scaled up the recycled plastic content in their pots, and with the launch of the new 500g yogurt pots, this will be yet another packaging range that will not be liable to packaging tax, when the 2022 UK Plastic Tax legislation is implemented. For years, polypropylene and polystyrene have been the preferred materials in the dairy market, but with manufacturers being actively encouraged to design sustainable packaging solutions, this makes PET the material of choice in achieving true circularity.

As a leading supplier of circular food packaging solutions, Faerch’s portfolio of sustainable materials and product offerings continues to grow at pace. Just recently, the company has invested in all major lines for the UK dairy market and continues to expand its pot to pot recycling capacity and are planning new sites.