The new MAPET® II - 100% recycled and 100% recyclable


The new MAPET® II contains 100% food grade rPET made solely from recycled bottles and trays. In contrast to other less recyclable packaging materials used in the protein sector like PET/PE, MAPET® II is mono-material packaging and efficiently recyclable back into products of the same quality again and again. The trays can remain in a truly closed loop: They can be recycled into new MAPET® II trays without requiring any additional material, which fully eliminates the need for virgin material and significantly reduces related CO2 emissions and waste.

MAPET® II packaging solutions protect protein, including beef, poultry and fish, as well as plant based proteins. They possess superior barrier properties to extend shelf life and reduce food waste, which is particularly important in a segment of highly energy-intensive products like meat. The durable and lightweight tray design enables a very low stacking height and minimum use of raw material in production, additionally reducing the overall CO2 footprint.

“We are constantly investing in innovation that enables us to deliver the best sustainable products. Consumers demand packaging solutions that are safe, easily recyclable and made from recycled content. That is why we have improved our MAPET® II solutions even further: 100% recycled and 100% recyclable,” says Lars Gade Hansen, CEO of Faerch Group.

Faerch is aiming to make the European food packaging industry fully circular. With last year’s acquisition of Dutch recycler 4PET, Faerch has successfully closed the loop on PET trays, allowing tray-to-tray recycling on an industrial scale.