New CPET frost

Faerch’s high performance ‘frost’ CPET material for packaging frozen foods has undergone intensive tests to ensure unrivalled impact strength and shatter resistance at extremely low temperatures.
Containers produced from our frost CPET are dual ovenable and offer a wide temperature tolerance for the deep freezer and assured freezer-to-oven or microwave convenience.
Eliminating negative effects on food flavour and aroma, the packs ensure better protected, more versatile and tastier meals. Low stacking height offers major space saving and logistics benefits, as well as reduced carbon footprint.
They are available in a wide range of colours with a premium matt finish for added brand appeal.
Excellent non-stick qualities also make frost CPET ideal for baking as the consumer can easily decant product after cooking.
We look forward to the opportunity of discussing packaging requirements for your ready meals and other food products.