Renewable Energy

As you may know energy and environmental management is at the heart of everything we do at Faerch and we are committed to improving our production processes in order to minimise any negative effects on our surroundings.

We are, therefore, delighted to have achieved our goal of using 100% renewable energy throughout the entire Faerch Group.

Having succeeded in reducing our energy consumption by a third since 1996, all of the electricity we use now comes from renewable sources, following the successful implementation of Target 2012, launched in 2007.
Every year we set new reduction targets for environmental impact, energy consumption and the volume of plastic waste produced.  We are always working to reuse as much left-over material from production as possible, and we always conclude on all of our objectives.
Additional five-year plans currently in place, with a planned 2013 conclusion, include general weight reduction of the packaging we produce by 30 per cent, achieving the lowest carbon footprint of any manufacturer in the plastic packaging industry, and challenging our suppliers to reduce their energy consumption by 20 per cent.
In 2013, as well as joining the UN Global Compact, we will be implementing a new Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, covering the environment and climate, recycling, employees, ethics and food safety and look forward to updating you in the future on our progress.