K 2261-45

MAPET® II is the next generation MONO packaging product designed primarily for top sealed fresh meat and poultry. It has equivalent properties to APET/PE, but is produced from just one material and offers improved sealability than its predecessor, MAPET®. And, since MAPET® II has better potential to be sorted and recycled, it is hoped that the plastics recycling industry will back it as the new industry standard.

Instead of adding a top layer, a small amount of special adhesive suitable for food packaging applications is applied around the rim of each tray to ensure that it can be sealed easily. The quantity of adhesive, which has been approved for direct contact with food at temperatures up to 40°C, is so low that there will be no contamination of the waste stream.
Made using Post Consumer Recycled materials, MAPET® II trays have a very low environmental foot-print.