PP-EVOH-PE is a material with outstanding barrier properties in relation to the MAP packaging of fresh meat, poultry and fish. Even when contaminated, the material has good sealing properties, and can be sealed with a wide range of common sealing films from various manufacturers.

Thanks to the material’s high barrier, temperature and sealing properties, the trays are also ideal for the skin packaging of all meat types and seafood where a longer shelf-life is desired than can be achieved with MAP packaging. Skin packaging also means the trays are suitable for displaying upright in the store. 

The trays are particularly suitable for the solution. 

The material can withstand temperatures ranging from -20˚C to 100˚C, so it can be taken directly from the freezer and placed in the microwave. PP-EVOH-PE is available in clear as well as a wide range of colours.

Also available in a version for MRT trays.