Closing the loop on food trays

Join our unique Buy-Back Programme

Imagine a system to ensure that a food tray is kept in the loop and recycled for circularity. Produced from post-consumer recycled material and recycled into new food grade trays of the same quality, for the same purpose and the same customer. This is the core of our unique Buy-Back Programme.

Made from recycled food trays – again and again

By leveraging our capabilities as an integrated recycler, we are able to create a true closed loop for food trays. We do this by inviting food service providers like caterers, retailers, and airlines to buy our trays and use them on their menus. After use, the trays are collected and sent back to us. We then process the used trays into raw material that is recycled into new food grade trays of the same quality. These trays are delivered to our customers, who can then put them to use once again – again and again.

What are the benefits?

This offers significant benefits. It ensures a much lower carbon footprint in production as the need for virgin material is reduced to the absolute minimum – and completely eliminated for some trays. As a food provider, you save money by selling the used trays back to us while also ensuring true circularity. Circular packaging is made from post-consumer recycled content and can be recycled back into food packaging – again and again. For circular packaging, the share of recycled content is one of the most important indicators of its sustainability. This programme ensures traceability and tangible sustainability for our customers.

The highest food packaging standards

Quality is key to everything we do, and we pursue the highest standard at all times. The same goes for our recycling processes. We guarantee that recycled trays are treated according to the highest standards, and that finished products satisfy all necessary criteria including food safety and any other key measures.

 Watch our case story on the closed loop partnership with German Deli Carte:

“Our Buy-Back Programme allows commercial and sustainable interests to go hand in hand in a functioning circular economy.”


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