Faerch and the
European Plastics Pact 

A circular plastics economy in Europe

Faerch has signed the European Plastics Act

Faerch is proud to have joined the European Plastics Pact, bringing together pioneering companies and governments to accelerate the industry’s transition towards a circular plastics economy in Europe.

When it comes to packaging, plastics have many benefits. Packaging keeps food safe and protects it, and packaging reduces food waste. However, by using plastics, we are also faced with challenges related to waste and littering. Plastic reuse and recycling trends have failed to keep pace. Many products are simply not designed for recycling, and collection and sorting infrastructures are still not fully in place. The European Plastics Act brings together leading countries and private organisations from the entire plastics value chain to accelerate the circular plastics economy in Europe through cooperation, harmonisation, and connection. 

Shared action to change the plastic packaging industry

As an industry, we fundamentally need to change the way we produce, use, and dispose of plastics. This can only be achieved by bringing together all the links in the value chain under a shared commitment to take action. The European Plastics Pact unites everybody, organisations and businesses alike, to set ambitious targets to reduce the use of virgin plastic products, to raise collection and recycling capacity in Europe for plastic packaging, and to boost the use of recycled plastics in packaging.

At Faerch, we design food packaging that protects food and keeps it safe while reducing food waste. What's more, we are committed to taking the lead on circularity in food packaging. On average, we use 70% recycled content in our PET trays. We recycle trays back into new trays – without compromising on food safety. And, as the world’s only integrated tray recycler, we are doing this on an industrial scale. By signing the European Plastics Act, we can help accelerate the transition towards a circular plastics economy.


Our transition towards a circular economy for food packaging

At Faerch, we are working on making rigid food packaging truly circular, where food packaging is made from post-consumer recycled content and can be recycled back into food grade products of the same quality – again and again.

Our products are already recyclable today, and our PET products contain more recycled content – up to 100% post-consumer recycled material – than any on the market. With the acquisition of a recycling company in 2018, we have become the world’s first integrated recycler and do tray-to-tray recycling on an industrial scale. This has also enabled us to create a closed loop, where the material value is retained through multiple recycles back into food contact material. Additionally, at Faerch we now offer our customers the opportunity to join our Tonne for Tonne Buy-Back Programme: We commit to locally purchase the exact same amount a retailer buys from Faerch as post-consumer PET for recycling into new food grade products. This programme closes the loop and helps stimulate the circular economy by developing local markets for post-consumer PET.


“We process pots, tubs, and trays from all across Europe with a capacity of 1,2 billion post-consumer recycled mono-PET trays per year.”


We have the ambition to
lead the industry’s efforts
in making food packaging circular...

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