Our Tonne for Tonne Programme


Join us in developing local markets for post-consumer PET

The Tonne for Tonne Programme is designed to ensure circularity by keeping PET in the economy. We invite large customers to join in! For each tonne of PET packaging you buy from us, we commit to purchase the exact same amount of post-consumer PET, and to recycle it back into new food packaging again. We source PET from your local markets and make sure that your packaging is kept in the economy and recycled into new food grade material. 

The programme closes the loop and helps develop circular recycling for post-consumer PET in local markets. This has a positive impact on the environment and climate since the amount of recycled post-consumer content in food packaging is a key indicator for sustainability and circularity.

How our Tonne for Tonne Programme works


Your trays are produced

Quality is fundamental in everything we do. Our trays are produced at our state-of-the-art production facilities, with more post-consumer recycled content than any other tray on the market.

Your trays

After production, your trays are stacked, packed, and prepared for shipping. They are now ready to be put into use at your business.


For each tonne of PET packaging you buy from us, we commit to purchasing the exact same amount of post-consumer PET from your local recyclers or sorters.

New recycled trays are produced

We receive bales of collected post-consumer PET at our Cirrec recycling facility which we then recycle into food safe pellets and flakes. The recycled material is shipped to our production sites where a new cycle begins.




For each tonne of PET packaging you
buy from us, we commit to purchase the
exact same measure of post-consumer PET.





Closing the loop on food trays together

At Faerch, we are leading the industry’s efforts in making rigid food packaging truly circular. At our tray recycling facilities in the Netherlands, we process PET food packaging from collectors, sorters, and customers from across Europe and recycle them back into new food grade material. This material is used to make new food trays across our production sites in Europe – without compromising on food safety or any other key functional properties.


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