Innovative modular packaging for airline food

More and more airlines worldwide are looking for packaging solutions that offer an attractive alternative to traditional tray-based meals and snacks. Faerch has developed an innovative and new range of modular packaging for airline catering. The series is easy to handle for the cabin crew, can be used in conventional ovens, is attractive and is user-friendly for passengers.

“We see a clear trend that many airlines are moving away from traditional in-flight meals served on trays. Instead, they need a more flexible solution that can be used on short, medium and long-haul flights. Our new modular packaging meets these needs. For example, we have introduced a meal box where the packaging can be stacked and folded after use,” explains Anthony Mayr, Area Sales Manager, at Faerch.


Branding on packaging

The desire for more convenience for the crew and passengers is just one of the trends within airline catering that Faerch has considered in developing its new range of modular packaging. 

The new product line meets the standard dimensions which are required for existing ovens, drawers and service trolleys in the aircraft.  In addition, the modular packaging ensures a more eco-friendly profile, as the multi-use packaging is recyclable in markets where facilities exist.

“Today, many airlines use reusable trays which are removed from the aircraft and cleaned after use. This requires the use of powerful cleaning agents. Moreover, the trays soon show signs of wear, and the airline is tied into a specific system. Our modular packaging is more flexible, and can be designed to meet customer needs, and can be produced in dual colours with textures and logos, to match the individual airlines branding,” says Anthony Mayr.


More choice with modules

The packaging series comprises a range of transparent APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) containers for fruit and cold foods and heat-resistant CPET (crystalline polyethylene terephthalate) containers that can be transferred directly from the freezer to the oven. This eliminates the need for aluminium trays, ensuring a more uniform presentation when serving. A standard ATLAS drawer can hold up to 18 medium-sized or 36 small containers, which can be combined in countless ways like LEGO bricks.

“The same type of container can be used for many different purposes such as snacks for first-class passengers or side dishes for in-flight meals in economy class. The packaging can also be colour-coded, so the cabin crew can quickly identify what each container contains. Moreover, thanks to the many possible combinations, airlines are able to tailor menus to meet individual needs to a far greater extent than previously,” says Anthony Mayr.


Read more about the new modular catering series that Faerch presented to the airline catering industry at the World Travel & Catering Onboard Services Expo 2016.