Acquisition in England expands product range

With the acquisition of the British packaging company Anson Packaging, Faerch expands its range of food-to-go packaging, and further increases its focus on design and innovation.

In the spring of 2015, the owners of Anson Packaging Ltd. signed a purchase agreement transferring ownership of the British family owned company to Faerch A/S. The acquisition is the first in the history of Faerch. It marks the first step towards the company’s ambition to become an even stronger supplier to the European food industry, in part by offering a broader product range so that food companies can deal with fewer suppliers.


The acquisition of Anson Packaging will be particularly notable for manufacturers of food-to-go products. For more than 40 years, Anson Packaging has focused on development and manufacturing for this particular niche of the UK market, and is currently the market leader in the sector.


A perfect match

Anson Packaging is known for supplying niche products in the food-to-market, typically in smaller volumes. This provides excellent synergy with the product range of Faerch, whose efficient manufacturing operation enables the delivery of larger volumes of high quality at competitive prices. Many manufacturers in  Faerch’s customer portfolio seek both types of products, making Anson Packaging an attractive match.

The acquisition will complement existing products, thereby creating new value for  Faerch’s customers. Also important is Anson Packaging’s reputation for innovative design, high quality and a strong focus on customer service, which will greatly facilitate the process of uniting the two companies into one.


Investment boosts efficiency

At Anson Packaging, the acquisition will lead to changes in manufacturing, including massive investment in the coming years to boost efficiency up to  Faerch’s level. Employees will see their work become smarter and more efficient, which will make it possible to increase European market share.


New acquisitions in sight

The acquisition of Anson Packaging marks the first step in Faerch’s growth strategy. The acquisition was made possible after the private equity fund EQT VI took ownership in 2014 with the aim of expanding Faerch’s activities. This will be achieved in part through the acquisition of attractive companies that can expand the range of innovative packaging solutions.


Differences and similarities

  • Faerch was founded in 1969, while Anson Packaging was founded four years later in 1973.
  • Both companies were family-owned for more than 40 years – Anson Packaging by the Dujardin family. Mark Dujardin will remain in the ownership group of Faerch Group.
  • Faerch specialises in solutions for ready meals, fresh meat, cold foods and snacks.
  • Anson Packaging focuses on the food-to-go market.
  • Faerch supplies a wide range of packaging in materials including CPET, APET, PP MAPET® II and AMPET.
  • Anson Packaging’s products are primarily PET based.