SkinPack strengthens Faerch’s product range

The SkinPack brand CRYOVAC® Darfresh® on Tray was one of the major factors in Faerch’s acquisition of Sealed Air’s Food Tray Business in Europe. Faerch is now experiencing great demand from leading fresh meat producers for the SkinPack sealed packaging solution that provides significant product advantages for retailers and end users.

An optimum fresh meat solution

SkinPack is an excellent alternative to standard modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). The meat is vacuum packed in a tray and held in place, improves the quality of the meat through maturation, and increases its shelf life. Meat packaged with SkinPack also offers a number of cost saving logistical advantages; the trays  are less bulky, increasing the number of items per transport, and storage volume per square metre.

“The food industry uses SkinPack for a variety of applications, including premium beef, smoked foods, and seafood. The increased shelf life and reduced product waste are just some of the advantages of SkinPack; it also improves the visual appearance of the meat and enables vertical placement on retailer’s shelves. It also reduces heat generated pack deformation when applying the film, as the material used for the trays can withstand high temperatures,” says Torben Nygaard Pedersen, Category Manager for Fresh Meat at Faerch.


Meat matures in the package 

Another advantage of SkinPack is that the meat matures in the pack, making it particularly succulent and flavoursome. Removal of the air around the meat significantly extends the shelf life, prevents oxidation, while preserving aroma.  A cut of beef can extend it’s shelf life of about 10 days to as high as 23-24 days – and still retain its flavour and freshness.  Consumers will discover that after 5-6 days, compared to meat packed in a standard MAP pack, the quality of meat from SkinPack is far better.

Faerch as a one-stop-shop

By adding the SkinPack solution to Faerch’s existing product range, customers from the fresh meat industry can now fulfil all of their packaging needs in one place.

“We are now a one-stop-shop for our customers.  With Faerch you can have SkinPack for your premium cuts, PP and MAPET® II trays for minced and fresh meat, and CPET trays for ready meals and ready-to-cook products. We can supply a complete product range of thermoform packaging,” says Torben Nygaard Pedersen.



  • CRYOVAC® has a range of packaging brands, including film from the packaging manufacturer Sealed Air.
  • Sealed Air is a global leader in packaging for foods, product protection and custom packaging. For more than 50 years, Sealed Air has supplied the global food industry with innovative packaging solutions, primarily in the fresh meat and skin packaging sectors.
  • On 1 November 2015, Faerch acquired Sealed Air’s Food Tray Business Europe, which produces high quality tray solutions for fresh meat, salads, fruit and food service. In connection with the acquisition, Faerch has now access to related brands such as CRYOVAC® Darfresh® On Tray and CRYOVAC® Mirabella®.


CRYOVAC®, DARFRESH® and MIRABELLA® are registered trademarks of Cryovac Inc., a subsidiary of Sealed Air Inc., used with permission.